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Car stereo head unit recs


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Hey guys! I recently purchased a 08 Porsche Cayman base with non Bose system. I'm looking to replace the stock head unit with an aftermarket one. I've been told I need to replace the amp with a 5 channel amp and told by someone else that I don't need one since it's a non Bose system without a sub. Any input or recs would be appreciated! 

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I also have a 987.1 with the base sound package. In answer to your question you do not need a new amp, when I installed the Pioneer AVH-X8800BT with the Connects2 CTSPO005.2 cable there was no need to install an amp and there was no existing amp.





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If you have the non bose but the sound plus package you will have an amp in the frunk in the hatch that holds the tyre sealant etc... Wont need to be replaced but this is what will then drive you bass speakers and centre speaker in your car. If you have the completely base speakers then you wont have an amp there and its all run off the HU

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Looking to swap out the front "non Bose" door speakers... Anyone know what size I'll need to get?


Looking at either Hertz or Focal components (my S had the bog standard Hifi setup although I recently fitted a Pioneer DVD head unit & Pioneer 4" speakers in the rear strut turret housing)


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