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Cold starts

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Is starting the engine on cold days generally a problem for Caymans?


Last night after work and again when leaving this morning I have got in, pressed the clutch, turned the ignition and nothing has happened.

The "Depress Clutch" message appears and after several attempts it finally kicks into life.

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1 hour ago, graham.reeds said:

It only started when it got really cold. I did a search for cold starts but nothing returned about my issue.


A pure coincidence, if you get that message and the car won’t start it can only point to one thing, a worn switch.  I doubt the cold would make it any worse, it’s just a metal spring switch.  

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This is interesting as I have recently felt like there was something rubbing when pressing the clutch. Thing is the car has only done 24200 miles.


While there has been a lot of work done it appears that there is a lot more necessary.

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Replaced mine twice in the R (both before 25k miles) and once in the S.  


I did the bypass mod in the end.  The cost to buy a new switch is about £25-30 but replacing it is a sod of a job.  


I wouldnt worry though, it’s not a major issue.  


There’s a thread here worth a read of...





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