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Dropping by to say Hi.


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Well I just thought I'd drop by and introduce myself as I'm new here and hopfully I'll be sticking around for quite a while. I'm Jim from up North. :8:

I've just become the very proud owner of an Atlas Grey Cayman S, 2008 Gen 1 model, it has a Manual box and its covered 90k miles. It was a private buy and considering the condition of the car, how it drives and the work it has had done I think I got quite a bargain.

It's a beautiful car which believe it or not only looks around 3 years old, totally standard and running on the 18 inch version of the "Lobster Claw" wheels.


I don't suppose I'll ever find myself coming across any of you guys out on the road as I can't remember the last time I ever saw a Cayman in my area (Sunderland NE England) with them being pretty scarce and all that.

It's early days at 3 weeks into ownership but I'm absolutely loving the car and I can't ever see myself parting with it, that's so unlke me as I have in the past been known to change my car quite often mainly through boredom and just fancying a change, not this time.

Well I'm off to show a mate of mine me new wheels, he's just phoned me as he's heard I've moved up a notch or two in the car world, any excuse to get behind the wheel again so bye for now.


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.....thanks for the welcome guys, I hope I'm not all on my lonesome up here.

As for the colour, Atlas Grey must stand out as one of the weirdest colours I've come across, I'll admit it wasn't my first choice but it's growing on me, it's more of a slate blue colour but then in the dark under street lights its a brighter blue which seems strange.


My plans for the car,......well it needs nothing except maybe the 2 front wheels need a mild refurb (I'm very picky) which I'll do over the coming weeks, that's it apart from me thinking that I may change the wheels and tyres and go for a nice set of 20's. I always go for a wheel upgrade whatever I'm driving but not so sure here, the 18's it's running now with 40 profile tyres seem very harsh so I'm looking into that carefully, I may be running on Run Flats without me realising it yet. !




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