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Highly modded, overpriced Gen1 Anybody...?


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I saw this car parked behind my office a couple of weeks ago.  I quite like it, it’s a well done project car.  


No, I wouldn’t pay the asking price personally as I’m sure not many people would pay for another man’s mods.  However, it’s definitely worth more to some people than your average gen1.  

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1 hour ago, Cayman R Paul said:

 ... how do you price such a car?  


Agree ... many quality parts and labour in there; yes ... spoiler and screen should be in the price. 


Be good to know the details of the engine work and number of track miles run.


Definite track test session prior to purchase.


Having developed a Mk1 Golf for hills and sprints (road legal) over the past seventeen years the asking price is not excessive.



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3 hours ago, DJMC said:

That thing to the left of the front number plate looks like a scratch magnet to me!



I have a spare original that I could be persuaded to donate :) 

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