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981 front brake discs & pads change


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Although my local tyre and brake centre recently told me my discs were "fine", my 981 is due its major 40,000 mile service in a few months so I thought I'd enquire as to the cost of having front discs and pads changed at my local indy, to Porsche spec with original parts as it's under extended warranty. GCR Leicester said £500 all in. I may pop in shortly to have them tell me if they DO need changing or not.


I found this video which makes a DIY change look as simple as I remember when I last did this job many moons ago on some distinct relic...



But IS it this simple? No anti-squeak grease applied; doesn't look like he's using a torque wrench for the calliper bolts; what size hex head for these?; where's best to get the OEM parts (discs & pads) and what markings should they have, where, so my OPC doesn't say "they're not Porsche"? Naturally I could buy from my OPC, but I suspect there are cheaper places - must be proper Porsche parts though!


Thanks for any help. 

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I do believe that it is ...


Original parts kit from ... http://www.design911.co.uk/fu/prod135983/FRONT-Brake-Pads-and-Brake-Disc-Package-Porsche-981_2/ ... £270 + VAT.  Given that the kit does not include the caliper bolts I assume that these are re-usable. 


£500 all - in does not sound too steep although they will purchase the parts at much less than above. Ask the OPC for a quote and discount ? 


I assume that the service is at the OPC, in which case if the brakes do require changing some of the labour charge may be offset ? 


Cross reference part numbers and obtain bolt sizes in https://www.porsche.com/uk/accessoriesandservice/porscheservice/serviceandorgininalparts/originalparts/


Discs are `handed` L & R re. the vent rotation. 


Not sure on torque settings and wear limits - I would guess ... discs having a `lip` of ~ 2mm and pads having ~ < 5mm remaining ?


Wear rates are easily checked through the wheels that you have.


NB: My rears wear as much as the fronts, suggest that you check yours. 



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I don't really want to ask my OPC for a quote as I have a feeling they'll think "Aha! He's up for a disc & pad change!" Mind you, an indy may well do the same!


Actually, when I renewed my warranty in May my OPC didn't have a bad word to say against GCR which gives me a lot of reassurance about going the indy route.

I'm guessing my OPC would try their best to match GCR's quote as they know their work is of equal quality.


I've known my tyre guy for donkeys years. He had a look a few weeks back and was sure they'd be fine, but they'll need doing one day so no harm knowing what I need to know in advance. 

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Thanks to RPM for measuring my discs on Sunday. 27.4mm thickness. Original is 28mm. Minimum 26mm. So some way to go. 

Original pads good too. 38,600 miles on original discs and pads but mostly motorway.

Mirror test on inside showed good condition.

Ammunition for impending 40k major service at my OPC. :S

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HI all,

Just a few more prices for you to compare, I could not see what brand design911 were supplying for that price just OE Quality










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23 minutes ago, FLAT STICK said:

Hi All,

Just got a front set of brembo Pads from euro carpart fot £82 they match and then beat Car parts for less, so always good to shop about.


frazerpart sell the texstar pads(same as brembos) for £50......

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