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987 bodykit and side intake scoops


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That's quite possibly a Getty Design Kit.


I was considering their GT3 style bumper before I bought my cup splitter and GT3 vent.


A company I bought my splitter and spoiler off do the GT4 style side scoops.  I found them on planet 9

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I had a look at the side scoops - he has them listed elsewhere.


They appear to be stuck on over your existing intake. Very cheap looking for something that is relatively expensive (the link appears to be dead but they were £250 and matt black). Some other sellers have them on with close up shots and you can tell that they are a little cheap looking.


I have concerns about water ingress, increased air intake and them simply coming off at speed but could look good if done properly.

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That an Xclusive Customz kit. Had my side skirts and wing from them early last year. Was told by the bodyshop who fitted them for me they were one of the better fibreglass kits he had come across and very easy to work with. I have been tempted by the GT4 looking bumper but I'm yet to pull the plug and get it purchased as I'm still unsure on if i like the look of it.

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