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Active spoiler bypass


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Hi Gents.  I will be soon fitting a new rear spoiler to my 987.1 and want to disengage the factory active spoiler.  Is there any way of doing this that won't cause an error message on the dash as that would drive me bonkers.


I know it was possible on my 996 with its Aero spoiler however my local Porsche Specialist hasn't tried it on a 987

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It’s best done by paying a trip to an OPC or Porsche Indy and having it coded out.  If you had specced a Techart spoiler from new then the spoiler has to be deactivated.  


Pulling the the fuse is an option but I can’t remember what other circuits that may also affect from memory, or you can unplug the spoiler wiring harness in the boot behind the back carpet but this will throw up a warning once the spoiler tries to lift at 75mph.  Neither perfect options I’m afraid.  

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Not an answer to your Q Pete, and possibly a thread hijack, but...


how do you know if/when the spoiler has automatically risen (I know it’s above 75/85 or something)?


when I manually raise it by pressing the button an orange light illuminates on the button. 


however, on the occasions I have exceeded 85mph (always and only on private closed roads), at which I assume the spoiler has activated, the button hasn’t illuminated. 


I cant actually physically see it either from within the car, even when I do manually raise it (eg for washing/drying). 


Cheers, Jason



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Pop into your local OPC as mentioned. Usually wont charge for it or at least they didn't for me, so long as the guy doing it could hear the straight pipe exhaust on full chat :4_joy::4_joy:

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