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Changes to MoT requirements.


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So if I have HID lamps retrofitted before the May 20th date then it will be fine but after will fail? Or is any car with hid lamps going to fail? Is there a list that states whether hid was an option when the car was new? How will they know?


To be honest, how many garages will care how it produces light?

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Reproduced below is the text from the draft procedures.

“Some vehicles may be fitted with High Intensity Discharge (HID) headlamps. It is not permitted to convert existing halogen headlamp units for use with HID bulbs. If it is clear that such a conversion has been carried out, rather than replacing the entire unit with one designed and approved for use with HID bulbs, the headlamp should be rejected.”

Thus if you have Litronics fitted as OEM whether before or after any date they are fine.

If you have aftermarket HIDs replacing halogen bulbs, irrespective of when fitted that will become a fail.

Will the garage know, who knows, however as this is a flagged up change so they should be aware of it.

Keep in mind that OEM HIDs are / were only fitted in conjunction with headlamp washers and auto levelling and that it’s not a difficult job to spot whether washers are fitted.

Will the garage care - probably best to assume so for at least a honeymoon period.


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The link when posted was a draft of the proposed regs and as the new regs came in on the 20th of May it’s presumably no longer available/relevant. A quick search under MoT Regulations on the web will give the current applicable state of play. As to whether anything changed between the regs as brought forward and the draft, I’ve no idea.

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