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Who’s bought Bitcoin?


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I'm trying to learn as much about it as I can.  A few of my customers are earning decent money at it (one just bought a new R8 V10 Plus)


Seems ICO's are where the real quick money is if you have the right one.  

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Seems volatile at the moment with Bitcoin. 


I dont think the bubble has burst, and there are proponents (who have probably bought in high and thus want to see continued rises) talking up a potential $100k per ‘coin’ price in the next 5 years. Maybe pick another low value new-starter (Ripple? $1.5) and hope it rises on the coat tails of the already established ones.


i don’t understand whether eventually there will be one dominant crypto currency or many? Would that mean the need for crypto currency exchanges (cryptex)?


i think the ‘long game’ will be in the blockchain ledgers on which  the cryptos are traded, and picking the right blockchain product developer at the start of the crypto industry ‘boom’. 


Eg SHELL have just bought a stake in a UK startup called Applied  Blockchain. 


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