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New Windscreen for 987.2

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Went to fill my car up yesterday and saw this.


With a largish crack running off of it.


I know when it happened - on Thursday night driving along to Tesco for fuel. Going slowly around the roundabout there was a massive thump like a brick hitting the windscreen. I pulled up in the Tesco car park and looked but admittedly I was looking at the bottom of the windscreen and the car park is dark so I didn't spot it. I then went and got fuel and I still didn't see it. I then drove some 350 miles until I went to refuel last night and spotted it - I think a cold night helped the crack along.


Fortunately I have some window repair liquid from when I had a stone take the top layer of my race helmet off (the cf was undamaged) so I popped home, picked it up and then drove some 250 nervous miles to work.


So I will need to get a new screen - unsure if my insurance will cover it - I will contact Admiral today and check. Any recommendations or just call Autoglass?


Note: I am now in London, literally 500 yards from the Beckton Porsche garage.



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I had to replace the screen on my CR after a trip to the Alps.  


Your glass cover will cover the screen.  My insurer was Admiral and I have to say the whole process was diabolical.  Screen fitters came out 3 times before it was fitted correctly.  My advice to try and avoid the same issue is: 


1. Be there in person when they do it, and keep and eye on things as it happens (with tea and biscuits). 

2. Insist (you will have to fight for this) on a Porsche screen - not a pattern screen 

3. Insist on Autoglass, they re-did my screen on the CR and have recently done my M5.  Do not let Admiral use National Windscrens or whatever they’re called 

4. When the screen is being fitted, watch the gap at the point where is meets the leading edge of the roof, this gap has to be close enough for the rubber seal to seat over the edge of the roof.  If the screen slips even a few mm whilst the glue sets, the rubber seal will fall between the gap and it will need another appointment to refit it.  The same theory applie around the sides too, but that shouldn’t move whilst setting.  

5. Make sure they don’t hack the screen out with a sharp tool, they should use a contraption with a nylon type string - it will save your A-pillar covers from being damaged.  

6. They will remove some interior trim from the car to fit the screen.  Make sure they don’t break any securing tabs (when it’s off whilst they’re fitting just check them).  If it’s not put back properly after or it’s broken mention it there and then.  


Hope that helps and you don’t have the nightmare I did.  

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Cheers. Looked on the Admiral site and they referred me direct to Autoglass hotline.


I could have the non-Porsche glass today or wait 7-10 days for the glass to come in from Porsche, so I am waiting.


I have drip glass repair in the crack.  I have managed to get one of those phone screen protectors from a colleague and will try and slide that up to stop the possibility of water ingress.


Will let you know how it goes.


UPDATE:  Just got a call saying they won't cover me for the entirety of the OEM screen as my car is over 3 years old meaning I will have to pay the difference between the two plus my excess.

Also according to their computer my car supposedly has a rain sensor?!  I didn't think it did but I have to stress that I have never opened the manual.

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I had this on a 87.2 and was lucky that my insurance covered Porsche to do it. The opc uses an external guy as you’d expect. When it first was fitted I could see it wasn’t quite perfectly flush. An opc Porsche engineer came out to the parking area, got within 20 feet and said it ain’t right. The opc were brilliant. They refitted it and kept it 2 days, water tested it and drove it to check for rattles. It was perfect when I got it back. They explained that’s what you pay for. Can’t comment if auto glass would be the same or not or if would be a case of “tough luck mate”. If not using an opc don’t accept excuses if it’s not right. They can get it right, just needs to be done properly. 

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43 minutes ago, graham.reeds said:

Just been out to see if I could identify if I had an OEM or aftermarket windscreen.


The only identifying mark is this:



Thats a genuine Porsche screen.  

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