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There's also this : http://www.greatestdrivingroads.com/great_roads.html


I can also recommend the B4521 from (near) Ross on Wye to Abergavenny. Just short of 20 miles of twisty B roads. It takes me best part of an hour to get there, so don't get there too often. I once went as a passenger and didn't recognise where I was as I'm so used to concentrating on the road to take any notice of my surroundings!


I see an average of maybe 3 cars going in the same direction, so the vast majority of time is spent with a clear road ahead. Unbelievably, one more than one occasion I've had people wave me past them, rather than have me in their mirror.


Very few places where you're tempted to do silly speeds, so no need to worry about being caught speeding. Most of the corners are unsighted too, so lots of time hard on the brakes and booting out the other side.


Get to Abergavenny, grab some lunch, turn round and do it the other way round. Great way to spend a few hours.






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1 hour ago, Mk1 said:

Agreed Paul ... likewise the recent https://www.northeast250.com/ . 




Don't get me started on that one.  I get the benefit to tourism, but it's bad news for those who want to go and enjoy these roads. I think I should be making more use of my Cayman while it's till actually possible to have any fun on the roads!

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