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How to get front end safely on jack stands


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Is there a way of getting both front wheels off at the same time using a jack and a pair of jack stands? Car is lowered. I’ve a low profile jack that can reach the front jack points, but not any further in. Is there any safe method to get the front on jack stands?


I’ve seen people talking about jacking the using the rear jack points which raises the front end and then slotting a stand in. I can’t see how you do the other side safely after you’ve a front stand in.


i absolutely won’t bother if it can’t be done safely without risking busting the car or myself. Thanks all!



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have u ever seen or used an airbag jack Buggyjam? it is a large diameter inflatable cylinder that is flat to start with and has a rubber hose and valve with a rubber cone at the other end that plugs over your exhaust pipe. the low pressure high flow exhaust gasses then pump up the cylinder, controlled by a one way flapper valve. it is easier to have two people and a second car. once they start, they pump up pretty quickly so it easier to use another car and driver to rev its engine whilst you position and watch, close to the jack bag. as the bag is usually bigger in diameter than 600mm or 2 feet, the large surface area will spread the load. I suspect that the reinforced floor area at the front of the passenger compartment and under the fuel tank would be the best location. I used to carry one all the time when off roading, both here and in the middle east and Africa as they work really well on soft ground and will easily lift a big 4x4

Might be an idea to drive the front wheels just onto a couple of builders planks or similar to start with to gain that extra inch or so to see where to put the jack

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Ive tried these hydraulic ramps on a track prepped Boxster that we borrowed from a guy in the pits at Snetters but they fouled on the bottom of the front skirt. I think you will have the same issue, even with a standard ride height. pity if they do, cos they worked well on his Nissan Pulsar.

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