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Drive shaft bolts fell out


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Anyone had this ? Yesterday I had a track day, car went fine no issues. Out for a quick drive this morning, on my way home and a few noises from the rear, few clonks then bang no drive. Turns out all the bolts on the gearbox side of the driveshaft passenger side had fallen out ! 


The flailing drive shaft then proceeded to rip out some wiring for the PSM and made a small crack in the upright which holds the lower coffin arm, I am hoping can be welded. Last year car had a new clutch I can only assume perhaps the drive shaft bolts weren't fully tightened and worked lose..



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at least the sudden loss of drive didn’t spit you off the road big time. (Just trying to find a silver lining for you in this Crafty). 


Hope you can pin pin it on the garage that did the clutch change to remedy the drive shaft and make good the PASM loom. 

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Thanks Windy, yes also quite happy it did not happen when pushing the car round Snetterton yesterday...


I guess just one of those things and put it down to experience, hard to go back to someone a year later but I think it shows there are things that should be checked from time to time especially if your car has been apart for a clutch etc. and you intend to track it but this is a first for me on any car. Just a heads up really and curious if anyone else has ever had it happen.

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this has not happened to but from what i have read when it does make sure you double check the flange bolt holes.......they are probably worn now from the bolts movement 

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