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Will a 981 fall apart after 100k mls ?

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Just out of interest has your annual MOT station never mentioned these age/mile related problems? The handbrake issue should have been found at your MOT? I shall never see these problems on my vehicle not from the grave at least, 100,000 miles, I haven't got that mileage left in me.



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Shocking really, not made like they used to be...??  


Mind you, suspension components have always been something requiring attention after c.60k miles, even on the 996/986.  

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Just been doing some perusing of random sites with Caymans for sale....quite a few out there with > 100K miles (saw a 2.9l with 123K on the clock for sale).....obviously can't comment on their condition, but must still be running ok for car yards to be marketing them

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