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112 tunnels! Who fancies this drive? (Windows DOWN!)

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Imagine a "huddle" of Caymans blasting through each of these tunnels together.


Ah... Italy.

Love it.

(Wouldn't want to drive in Rome though, or the Amalfi Coast road!).

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Some of the gallery tunnels are epic in Italy, or the Munt La Schera tunnel, enjoyed that this year...until you get to the exit, found that a bit scary.  



Went on a trip organised by Petrolhed.Tours, really really good fun.  

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39 minutes ago, Red Square Images said:

Wife wants to drive down to Rome. This looks good. Any more info? 



 Kev, have you been to Rome? I went last January and the streets are mayhem. I wouldn't take my own car there.

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Done afew tours with husband and wife team,  europeandrivingtours.com


they can also create guided and unguided tours, and provide walkies, pre programmed sat nav's and hotel bookings


worth contacting, pretty good value too





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