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White seat belts and door pulls

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Since my car is the Fake R and the two most rated detailers for chip and scratch removers are fully booked until August* I have looked at what else I could improve. Looking at the Cayman R one of the most notable difference is the seat belt and the plastic door pulls are replaced with red ones.


Now going with red would be aspiring to something it isn't and can't really be. But white. The car is white and it has the white seat backs.  I would probably need some other accent on the dashboard to be white but I can see it working.


What does the forum think? Would white belts and pulls work?


* yes August - apparently last year one only had two cancellations and both were due to the owners writing their cars off.

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Hi Graham, try speaking to Kerry at Safety Belt Services in Bedford ( works from home in Keysoe now) he makes harnesses, seat belts , tie downs and ratchet straps in most colours and widths. Ive misplaced his number but you should find him on the web ( excuse the pun) 

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Thanks @Bushman. A lot cheaper than other options.  Currently it is £70 per belt and £20 per pull. They will also replace the door strap with a white version.  (PS it is Carey:-).


A thought struck me on the way home from London on Sunday.  The third piece of white could be the band at the top of the steering wheel, which means replacing the steering wheel which I am not particularly impressed with.


EDIT: Immediately found this, which would be ideal if it wasn't for the buttons: http://r.ebay.com/39FMSb

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On 22/04/2018 at 08:40, DKR_77 said:

How about Yellow? 


White webbing seat belts and door pulls will get filthy way too quick.  


Unless you could contact Sidney Stratton perhaps? His white fabric never gets dirty. Something to do with the chemicals used to create it? Not sure it caught on much though. Can't remember why?


Other than Sidney, white will look shabby in no time at all. 

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Door pulls have arrived complete with £37 customs charge!


I have to say I am not a big fan of the feel of the plastic. If feels rough like cheap 3D printed plastic used to.  It also feels brittle.  It has a patina of leather but the patina is a lot larger than the actual leather it sits next too.


Imagine this in white...


A question: on the Cayman R does the entire unit move or just the canvas?


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