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Quick hello from me down in CORNWALL! Cayman S 2014 owner and loving it. 

One question, switchable sports exhaust worth it? Got everything else I wanted, prob would have added this to the spec if I bought new. Had mine a year nearly now and thinking about adding a bit more growl when out for a scratch around. 


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Welcome Brad! 


Its quite expensive fitting the PSE (Porsche Sports Exhaust) aftermarket.  


Many people go with a Carnewal exhaust which is a modification to your existing or a replacement exhaust.  That gives a really good growl and doesn’t sound stupid.  

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I had a  factory fitted sports exhaust on a 2013 S and hated it. 

It is very boomy and switching it off makes no, or very little difference. 

In contrast the one on my present Cayman R is great and there is a real difference from when it is on and when it is off. 

I swapped the S for it two years ago 'cause I couldn't stand the noise it made any longer. 

The quote I got for changing it for a non  sports system was so  high, it wasn't worth it. 

In my opinion only, don't do it. 

Perhaps look into after market options.  



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Had a few courtesy 981 Caymans and Boxsters with PSE and found it boomy switched off, let alone on. Last one gave me a headache driving it for 40 minutes.

Go try one at an OPC and decide.

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