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Bedding in new pads and discs.....best practice is.....?

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Hi all, having new discs and pads all around this Friday (made the most of ECP's Bank Holiday sale),  with a  half day at Castle Combe next Monday .  There appear to be different schools of though re initial running in...some very specific (20 * strong breaking from 60mph down to 20 mph etc) , some very general (drive normally, no panic stops for the 1st XX miles). Some mention of potential "glazing of discs" if something done incorrectly too. Any popular opinions out there?



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depends on the maker of the pads......some require a hard break in ....others just go easy for 200 miles. The cars off the showroom floor require nothing  ssssssooooooo

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I always just "heat cycle" new pads/discs... A mix of gentle & aggressive braking for 50 miles then good to go.


I recently replaced my discs & pads with Kinetix dimpled & grooved discs paired with Ferodo DS2500 compound pads... Used at Brands Indy with zero issues i.e glazing/fade etc


I would suggest you change the brake fluid at the same tme...


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