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Manuals Matter

The Doc

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So the debate will always continue, but as Catchpole rightly points out in this video by Carfection, Porsche have listened to their discerning customers have have recently re-introduced the manual box on it's GT3.  


Andreas Preuninger, head of Porsche’s GT program, recently commented that the GT3 “is full of systems that make sense on the track, but for the purist, there may be something lost”. He also added “it is our long-term goal to have the customer decide between the two approaches”.


Most interestingly though is the 911.2 GT3 is actually a 6 speed box rather than the 7 speed manual found in other Carrera models.  It will be interesting to see what approach Porsche take with the upcoming 718 GT4 model in this regard.  








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Great video, thanks for sharing Doc. 


After my GTS PDK experience on Friday at the PEC I’d definitely go the ‘autobox’ route if I could afford both cars. BUT, I certainly wouldn’t want to be without my manual 987 though for those utterly ‘connected with the car’ moments ?????

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