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My New Toy + improvements (exhaust/PSE)

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First time, so be gentle!


So, a few weeks ago my childhood dream was realised in the shape of a 2009 2.9 Cayman ... and I'm still basking in warm glow about finally having a Porsche (big kid, aren't I).


Anyway, the car I've got is fairly low on options - which is fine, as it's a weekend toy and I wasn't too bothered about having lots of bells and whistles.  However, having driven it for a few weeks now, the one button I wish I had was the sports exhaust.  The car is great, but I can't help feel that the exhaust note is a bit civilised.


I've considered the Carnewal conversion and also exhaust bypasses - but I  like the idea of a button that lets be toggle between civilised and sporty.


£2500+ for my Porsche dealer to retrofit a PSE is way too much, so do any of more knowledgeable owners on this forum know if the PSEs ever come-up second-hand or on a cheaper basis (looking on  eBay doesn't throw-up much)?  I'd like to stick with OEM if at all possible.


Thanks in advance.

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Welcome to the OC Jon :) 


Theres been a few discussions on PSE retrofit and alternatives, I’ll let other more knowledgable members jump in. 


Photos are obligatory by the way ??

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oohhh.... I like that :)

I've been in a few cars that have the Carnewal mods done to the stock exhaust and they are all pretty tame... until you give it some beans, then it turns into a different monster.

I would suggest coming along to the next meet to see if there is a members car with the mod done that you can jump in for a ride?


You could always buy a stock system and have it modded, then keep your standard one should you wish to change it back again.

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Hi Jon, and welcome, nice ride too. Andy is right, the Carnewal isn't that much louder than stock when pootling along (so very much easy to live with re "normal" driving/touring etc), it has a nice little rumble to it...but whence given said beans, it starts to "yowl" (that's how I like to describe it anyway). Value for money it's hard to beat, but depends what you're looking for/will be using your car for primarily.  Certainly a few of us on the forum have gone this route (along with other, more expensive routes), hopefully a few of us can meet at the next shin dig and compare notes (of the engine noise variety)

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Thanks for the replies ... much appreciated.


I work from home, so the car doesn't get used for commuting and is essentially an occasional / weekend car - so maybe I'm getting too worried about noise levels and that the Carnewal mod is the way forward. 


Looking around the forum I noticed that a member has a Cayman R exhaust up in the 'For Sale' section.  Would this result in a more exciting exhaust sound on my 2.9, or will the differences be marginal?


It's worth saying that my car has 100,000+ miles on it - I'm not sure what the life expectancy of Porsche is like, but I guess I should factor this in.   For example, if I drive over to Carnewal in Belgium, does Gert exchange the exhaust or does he modify the existing one?

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