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Rear spoiler

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Has anyone fitted aftermarket rear wing / spoiler on there Cayman?? If so any problems or preferences...

I'm thinking of GT4 style item from design911   

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I fitted one about 2 years ago. only a cheapie from ebay but I really liked the shape. think it suits the car. Ive had a lot of compliments too. I wrote a feature on this forum about fitting it.  if you look back on my posts to Oct 2016  for a post called 'rear spoiler' you can pics and

the write up of how to fit it.  the Jacamond equivalent is over 2000 euros. Porsche wanted about £1500 for theirs, mine cost £79 and a hundred to paint it.

hope this helps


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@GazwazI have that GT4 wing from Design 911. It is not easy to fit! It required inserting some rubber sheets under the mounts to get the wing level and flush to the boot lid.

If you're using it on the track and for performance I would balance it with a front splitter and or canards. Before I installed the canards and splitter the wing was creating too drag and causing the front lift above 110. 

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