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Cruise Control Retrofit


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I wouldn't mind fitting CC to my 987.2 and was wondering if anybody can recommend the best place to get it done, or whether it's a relatively easy DIY with just ordering the parts.  



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I had it done ot the OPC and cost about £300.... I thought it was well worth it and it's very handy for when your in speed limited contra flows and average speed cameras

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Given you're oop north, Revolution might be a good shout, from their website: 


Wish you had Cruise Control or On-Board computer fitted to your Boxster or 996/997?

Well, at Revolution Porsche Specialists you can!

Onboard computer stalk system, supplied and fitted only £195

Cruise control stalk supplied and fitted :-

996 C2 (2000-2001)= £395
996 C4 (1999-2001)=£395
996 C2 + C4 (2002-2004)= £295
Boxster (2000-2002)= £385
Boxster (2003-2004)= £295

Add £50 to all above prices if the 4 stalk inc Onboard Computer and cruise is installed. These are the genuine Porsche stalk controls; we do not fit the cheaper single dash mounted button type.

Gen 1 987 and 997 – £399

Colour Coded leather cover £POA

Prices are subject to VAT
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I retrofitted CC to a 986 Boxster a few years ago.  From memory the new stalk unit cost around £110 from my local OPC and a friend did the ECU coding to switch on the CC function (this was after my OPC tried and failed to do it!).


I heard that Porsche significantly increased the cost of the stalk units but as a DIY it was pretty straight forward, providing you have access to someone who can do the coding which requires a Durametric Pro or Porsche factory PIWIS/PS2.

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