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Square hole on aerokit bumper

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Driving back on the A1 today I had an unfortunate incident with a lot of wreckage from a blown lorry tire near Wetherby. I managed to avoid the larger bits but due to two lorries to my left and vehicles behind I couldn't avoid all of it.


After taking it easy(er) to see if any plastic shards had given me a puncture I continued home. When I reached home I had a look and got down on my hands and knees to see if there was any damage.


I found there was a square hole on the underside of my bumper on the drivers side but none on the passenger side. I was wondering if this was supposed to have a cover?


Could anyone else with the factory aerokit splitter tell me if a) they have a hole there too and b) if it should have a cover?


There isn't any screw holes.

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15 minutes ago, graham.reeds said:

I had guessed it was designed that way - it being perfectly square - but strange it being open and no cover.

It is strange, and there doesn’t appear to be anything behind it that needs accessing - eg drain plug / bleed nipple. 


Lets hope someone with superior knowldge can enlighten us....



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58 minutes ago, mike3105 said:

It’s for accessing the horn and other parts inside the bumper! Used it myself for replacing the low horn. 

Everydays an education ?


Thanks Mike ??

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