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Flappy paddle Tiptronic

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I recently completed the flappy paddle installation.

I used the standard wheel, I did not want a different wheel.

I kept the push buttons on the front of the steering wheel but they are no longer active.


It works great and refreshes the drive experience, the gearbox shifts very quick(faster than a manual but obviously slower than a PDK), with very few times taking a bit longer to change gears, usually when you don't need it to change quick it does not and when you need it to it is quick.


I used the Mercedes AMG paddles, cut the foam, drilled a couple of holes, screwed the paddles in place and used some connector wires to connect the merc paddles to the Porsche wiring, everything reversible, except the foam holes. Short wiring, no soldering, no adding, no tape, just some shrink tube to hold things in place.

You can see in the last picture the connecting individual wires on the sides, blue and black on one side and yellow and black on the other side.

The Porsche wiring connectors that were normally connected to the push buttons are now fixed between the foam and the push button housings with the connecting wiring also fixed.

From the driver's perspective the paddles look great but if you look from the side the bezel of the paddles does not follow the curvature of the foam, so i'll have to 3D print and paint some covers.













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I drove the car to work today,  the paddles make a big difference, they make you be more aware of the actual driving, you have to be aware in which gear you are, change up and down...its more involving, similar to the manual gearbox.

I like it...and I also like the option to just put it in automatic and let it do its thing when i'm not looking for an engaging drive.

The only thing I don't like is the fact that sometimes its difficult to know which gear you're into.

With the manual if you forgot which gear you're into you just feel it with the right hand but in case of the paddles you have to look at the dash and the display leds are fairly small and off center...taking the focus away from the road.

Is there any way to make the current gear show up on the central display?


I am in the process of the root cause analysis for oil useage.

I have not driven the car that much lately BUT with the AOS disconnected, until now there seems to be no oil consumption.

Meaning the oil level has not dropped at all in a few hundred kilometers.

It smokes(also water vapour since no aos?) EVERY time when I start it in the morning/evening if it wasn't started in the last 10-12hours.

But it smokes after 2-3 seconds of starting and lasts about 10-20 seconds..then clears off.

I'm thinking the intake and exhaust is still coated with oil and it needs a thousand or more km to clear out before I can correctly estimate the oil consumption without AOS influence.

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One method is to glance at the RPM/speed and know which gear it is, versus looking at the current gear in the right-hand dial (there's a digital readout in the 987.2).  I have also tried counting gears but find the glancing technique more effective.

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Hm, is there any way to retrofit the digital readout on the first genetarion 987?

I'm a bit worried i'm going to shift into 1st by mistake...we know that 1st is very short and may over-rev the engine.

Can the tiptronic 987 over-rev? I mean will it shift down too early if you tell it to?

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My PDK won't upshift unless it's at a sufficient speed.  For example, I can only force a shift into 7th gear at 43 MPH, despite the box not automatically downshifting from 7th to 6th until 39 MPH.


I would expect the same is true of downshifting.


Not sure about retrofitting a .2 cluster into a .1.  Even if the physical connections are there, the cluster will still need to be coded to the ECU.  That may be reserved for PIWIS only.

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Oh well, no big deal, I kind of got the hang of it, most of the time I guess the right gear.

The tiptronic likes to start in 2nd often, and wont let you upshift unless up to speed, it takes care not to stall the engine...but I don't know if over-reving is protected as well. I'll ask next time i'm by Porsche. In 8k kilometers I have to go in for a transmission fluid change.


No smoke today at the morning start :o

Fingers crossed that it keeps this habit and I can conclude that the AOS was the only bad part and I can order a new one and be done with all this oil consumption thing.

I'll pull the plugs in the weekend again to check how they look.


Nevertheless I can report that the paddles make for an engaging drive, you have to plan the gears, know where you are, mind the revs...like a manual, but no clutch and you do everything without letting go of the wheel.

One great upgrade for the 987 tiptronic if you ask me.

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