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Car back from painters

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If im being honest i used these painters due to them working on my previous Cayman,would i use them again no,it went back three times for poor finish on mirrors,previously on grey cayman i had a great service,unsure if new painters but it was a nightmare this time in all fairness they got there in the end,i supplied

 also the side decals i gave them a A4 pic,bit they still managed to fit the front bumper parts upside down,so i had to reorder,the answer i just assumed wasnt good enough.im happy now but i wont go there again.

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On 07/09/2018 at 08:45, 987Monkey said:

Looks really smart! 


You need some some of the black headlights that @Equinox makes, would finish the front off nicely ??


On 07/09/2018 at 08:52, Andy Price said:

can he do the xenons as that post refers to standard lights only,unless that post is just for that specific set.


Unfortunately at the moment I only have 2 sets of lights and both are Halogen. Always keep an eye out for an unloved set to snap up on eBay that are Xenon so will let you know if I get a set come in. :)

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