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Wear parts replacement for 10yo car

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Enjoying the Cayman greatly and still feels new but aware some parts just wear and planning on refreshing some items


Currently on my list are:


- Shifter cables (will replace with Numeric Racing)

- Coolant pipes all around (initial signs of corrosion after inspection)


Anything else that might be worth doing?


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Inspect the radiators and make sure they aren't full of leaves/debris.  Clear the debris and make sure the fins are in good condition with no corrosion.   Consider a Zunsport grill (or making your own) to prevent any further ingress. 


Next would be looking at the suspension - bushes, shocks and springs.  Check for extensive corrosion, wear or play.  

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Cheers Aaron - suspensions Inc. Top mounts and springs have been replaced, brake lines too


Indeed radiators might need a look at. Not a fan of the ZS but had inside grilles made on previous 986 might go that way as well

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