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Cheap 981 Cayman! - eBay special!


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So, apart from the repair, why so cheap???


Ah... it'll be the dull steering wheel!


I guess it's the quality of the repair. When I was looking for a TTS I put a deposit on one over the phone at Stratstone Nottingham. When I drove over to see it, they'd parked it rear offside right up against the showroom window, at 45 degrees to it? The right side of the rear hatch didn't line up with the tail lamps, then I noticed the wavy paint... Money back, walked away...


Still, if I were in Cheshire and looking for a red 981 I might well go have a gander at this one, if only for amusement. But I'd wear my bull**it proof trousers!



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I'd have it fully inspected I think, but on the face of it, it's cheap as chips! 


I doesn't say whether it's a Cat C/D etc, I wonder if it is or not..? 

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Ad says bought from an insurance company so I'll be surprised if it wasn't cat D/C....check the history carefully and get a 111 point check.  I would also assume no warranty.


Go in with your eye's open and you should be good!

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