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Deep Sump Kit - oil pick up extender?


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Not sure if I should post this here or in the technical section but here goes.


I am new to Caymans and have recently purchased a 987 Cayman S 2006, plan to do a few track days so have been looking at a few mods including a deeper sump to prevent any oil starvation issues and ordered the Brey Krause kit from Porscheshop;




What I have been sent by them is this kit;


https://www.porscheshop.co.uk/deep-sump-pan-oil-baffle-kit-1ltr-996-997-carrera-boxster-cayman-1997-2009.html which looks far more substantial, but there was no extender included for the oil pickup, which did not seem correct to me, surely you want the pick up to be deeper into the oil?  The comment from Porscheshop is with the extra baffles in the sump it does not need the extender for the pick up, however the same deep sum Design 911 are selling looks to have an extender with it;




Anyone got any experience of fitting the kit I have been sent and if it needs the extender or not?  Don't want to risk oil pickup on this engine so need to get this sorted before fitting anything.

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That's a baffled sump... Best "cheap"option to go for if doing a fair few track days imo (fit an Accusump if you have deeper pockets)


I had a baffled wet sump in my Fireblade engined MK Indy kit car which is a must if taking to the track...


Don't really think an extended pick-up is needed as the baffled sump is more about keeping the oil from "surging" which increases the chance of oil starvation due to cornering/braking G's...


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@pstarkey I have the deep sump kit from Design 911 fitted to by Cayman and works a treat, I haven't seen the one from Porsche shop before so can't comment. So far its done 20+ track days on semi-sicks/high Gs and all is good. Just keep changing the oil regularly. The sump is a piece of cake to fit and only took a hour or so. 


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