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Rear Toe Arms


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Has anyone put adjustable rear toe arms on, the type with a threaded central section so you dont have to use the eccentric bolts for adjustment?

I find them very difficult to adjust and would like to remove the rubber bush which I am sure lets the wheel move altering the Toe setting.

If so how have they been and do they corrode.


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I got fed up with the price and availability in the UK so I made my own.

Also sorted the locking washers out to hold the inner joint solid.

I could make more if there is any interest.

Toe Arm 3.jpg

Toe Arm 4.jpg

Toe Arm.jpg

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No difference in noise or harshness.

Better on braking and I have also replaced the arm outer bushes with Poly (made a tool so you can replace bush without taking arm off)

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