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My PPI Inspection missed something. Do I have options?

Porsched eggs

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Hi, my pre buy inspection missed something I can prove wasnt working at the time of the inspection.


Do I have any comeback? I was happy with the level of phone contact but also a bit miffed I didn't get a formal report, just an email with about 10 lines like:

1. Scuff of bumper.

2. Tyres good 4mm.


Overall I'm a bit annoyed but not going to name and shame just yet.

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A couple of things to look for.


1. Does there website have and terms and conditions? 

2. Did their quote refer to any terms and conditions?


If there is. They will probably have some get out of jail clauses buried deep. 


What have they missed?

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Well long story short...


The horn didnt work when I collected the car, but we thought it would be a fuse or something. I spoke to the ppi garage over the phone who claimed it was working when they saw the car, and it also has a valid mot but that's another matter...


However after lots of effort it turns out the horns couldn't have been working when the car was checked. It's not possible without magic!!!

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Noting on the website I was pointed to them and all the set up was done over the phone.


i did pay on credit card so thinking I could dispute with them on the basis that if they missed a key safety feature how can I rely on any part of the inspection?

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