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front tyre scrub

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Can someone tell me if front wheels making disconcerting chattering noise when on lock is normal, I’ve owned my 981Cayman S for a month now, have not spoken to dealer about it yet, don’t want a biased answer coming from them ( maybe).

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Hi Paulo. Its most likely the tyres, this is a subject that a few of us have experienced too. I believe it is down to the tread blocks flexing then popping back when on full lock on a low profile tyre that is designed to resist torsional loadings. Normally only noticeable when on full lock, then you can feel it through the steering.  I get it on mine but only at really slow manoeuvring speeds on cold tyres. 

hope this helps.

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My 981 CS also had this tyre `chatter / scrub` ... when on Pirelli PZero N0 tyres.


When I changed them for Michelin Pilot Sport 4S N0 and reset the geometry settings the `chatter / scrub` was `no more`. Maybe it was down to the `freshness` of the new rubber and / or the revised geometry ?


Now, after 9,000 miles the `chatter / scrub` has returned, albeit not as bad as before. The tyre wear is even but I will be having the geometry checked next month.


pp Bushman`s comment and from reading other reports I understand that this `effect` is to be expected given our vehicle`s design.

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