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Newbie but old question maybe?

Neal King

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First post so be gentle


Spending about £27000 should I go 987 or 981? Taking all things into consideration such as straight 6 or 4 turbo? Noise? Running cost and depreciation over a long term? Etc......


Any advise from the people that know?



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9 minutes ago, Beanoir said:

Hi Neal, 


£27k will see a very decent gen 2 987 S (3.4) with a good spec and condition.  You'd only just be scraping into a 981 for that kind of budget, likely a 2.7 with higher mileage.  


You don't need to worry about 4 pot turbo, that only applies to the 718 (2016 cars onwards)   


Running costs will vary dependant on the condition of the car, but if the car has been cared for then budget c.£750-1,000 for services and some other bits - assuming you'd service annually with an oil change at c.£500.  Tyres are around £200-250 a corner for premium, cheaper for mid-range.  



Cheers have been looking at a 2.9 1owner FPSH 20000 miles compared with as you say 2.7 with above but 40000 miles. Thanks Beanoir.

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That's a tough one like Beanoir says you're right at the point of getting a 2.7 981 , i think they are fantastic looking cars, up there with the best, they look like a much more expensive car to me, but it would be a 2.7 (nothing wrong with that unless you are the type that wants the most powerful version, it's as simple as that.)


A Gen2 987 S in my mind is a more classic looking and old school tech in comparison, I like that.

I would keep an eye out for a peachy Gen2 987 S ( remember 320hp) for around £22K and save yourself £5k...that's how you'll justify your decision.

Then in a few years you could sell it and look for a good 981 S or just keep it as I really don't think there is much that is going to make you smile as much as a Gen2 987 S.


I've just bought a very good Gen1 S and coming from a 2.7 986 (which I still have) the difference is really quite noticeable in terms of power (220-290) and the handling..the Boxster is a really good little car, i've had mine for 8yrs and have been all over Northern Europe/Scandi with it ( did a 3hr 120mph dash through Denmark one day) ..brilliant for touring as the Cayman will be but the Cayman just feels more solid and it really pulls well from low down which the 986 2.7 doesn't ..you have to rev it which is still great fun.

Good luck in finding your new car...


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