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Deano's 981 S aka BAE


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Next up was rattles! Now i'd say this is one of the most well put together cars i've owned but i am seriously OCD!

There was lots of minor noises, all from behind me. They were all easy to locate and fix by just tapping trim. Some notable ones:
- trim under the seat belt cover
- metal on metal under the cross brace
- all of the rear hatch trim
- the hatch itself on the bump stops
- the latch mechanism
- oil and water caps
- manual hatch release cable
- amp wiring
It was all solved with 2 x roles of foam tape and some duck tape over the trim clips that rattle around when 2 bits of trim are clipped together.















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One option it didn't have was online services which allows you to use internet radio and Amazon music as well as giving real time traffic rerouting. I booked it in at Cambridge to have that and put the latest PCM firmware and maps on. The cayenne courtesy car was a bit bigger than the croc!





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7 hours ago, Beanoir said:

Awesome job! Looks fantastic 


And i really like your garage! Did you build it? 




The cart lodge was a big selling point of the house. Was built just before I moved in.

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