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Hello from the South Coast


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Welcome on board from a fellow southerner. A bit further east in Kent near Maidstone. 



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Well first things first, I need new discs/pads, and I'm pretty sure the AOS has gone too. So preventative maintenance must take precedence but will add some braided lines and the gt3 ducts at the same time. My dampers are original and need replacing, I keep going back and forth with this but will probably go for Bilstein B8s (as they are designed for use with lowering springs) and some H&R springs. Maybe some small spacers, will have a look at the stance of the car when its lowered. New sway bars, and at some point the DSC module and three-axis gyro to help the PASM out. 


Engine-wise a valved exhaust of some kind, new headers with 200 cell cats, and the de-snork with gt3 throttle body and IPD plenum. Then remap.


Also going to add cruise control, and a decent Apple Car play head unit and upgrade the speakers. 


This is still my daily, but now that I'm keeping it I'd like to take it to the track. All of this is going to happen gradually over the next year and a bit and then If I improve and will see the benefit, may try other things out. 

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sooo.... before I got cracking with upgrades my clutch decided to let go. But the car is '06 with 108,000 so I can't be mad. So new clutch, flywheel, RMS while they were at it. MOT was due, and new discs and pads all round, rear tyres were done so 4 new sport contact 6s are on, looking forward to pressing on in those and seeing what they are like. New control arms to fix the play in the steering means the car currently feels tight as a drum.


Suspension next if the wallet can stretch to it.

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