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Clutch pedal - feel changed overnight!

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7 hours ago, Woodhouse said:

We had this exact same issue on my Son's gen 1 987S a couple of years ago, at 95K miles on the original clutch.  


It was a cracked pressure plate.  


Thats really interesting to hear......same mileage, same age.


In the paperwork with the car, there was nothing about clutch replacement so in the back of my mind i've always thought "looking at the mileage....i bet something goes wrong in my ownership".


Can you remember where the failure in the plate came from?



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Ah ha.....the culprit of the trouble.


The fingers in the springs are not springing back evenly - hence why its light and notchy as you press down on the pedal.


The clutch is about half worn, and the flywheel is in very good condition.





CLutch 3.jpg

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9 hours ago, GlosRich said:

If that's the original it's done well @90k miles.

They can need a clutch anywhere from 50k miles.


Garage seems to think it is the original clutch - its only half way worn aswell apparently - so if it is, its done amazingly well.

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On 12/05/2019 at 08:53, Woodhouse said:

Ours was the same.  Can you see a crack in the pressure plate?






Exactly the same as yours buddy!!!


Must be a weak point after a bit of mileage.


Clutch plate itself was in good condition with still about half its life left! 


Car back today with new SACHS clutch installed and all is well.

Another great invoice to add to the file 🙂 


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On 14/05/2019 at 07:46, Woodhouse said:

Glad you got it sorted.  I bet the pedal is a lot lighter now!


Actually you're correct. It's lighter than when I first got it...but absolutely bang on smooth in its operation. There is absolutely nothing my car needs now....New tyres , brakes , clutch, tappets, oil seporator , coils.....it's bang on the money. 

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9 hours ago, GlosRich said:

Suspension next?


Only joking, hopefully not, but you never know with these cars.






Let's hope not 🤣


I've got PASM....is that an omen ?

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If it's the original clutch I would think it's probably done motorway miles or been driven very sparingly.

I'm just doing a full brake/clutch bleed on my S ...brakes feel poor...but the clutch feels heavy too for 19K miles.

I did the RMS . IMS and clutch on my 986 last year and the difference with new clutch /flywheel was incredible...so light now

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