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New flat 6 model cayman (possibly?)

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Heard about this at Anglesey track day yesterday, and found this link:




seems like ‘old’ news, but not heard it previously. Anyone on here aware?


If its true / accurate then perhaps Porsche have considered the flat-4 turbos not to have been a commercial success? 🤔

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heard the same from some guys at work, they follow the motoring press more than I do. I did read that the new GT4 will retain a F6 4 litre and a lot of them are pre-sold so maybe the BD guys at Porsche have been keeping notes.


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Its going to be a 6 cylinder model based on the standard 718 platform, so nice, but not special enough IMO


718 GT4 will use  the GT chassis, not 100% on the engine yet but looks like it will be available with PDK unlike the current GT4

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I was at the Nurburgring last week and the two GT4 mules were both using turbo'd engines.


I also went to the Porsche Factory and saw a facelift 718 Boxster (US Market) coming off the production line. It had twin exhausts similar to a BMW 335i distance apart on a full width black plastic bumper. Was interesting to see.

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