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Way too noisy / noise bungs ?


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Hi gang. 

My 987 CS has had a fair amount of time and money spent - it now goes and sounds about as good as it’s going to get. 

However, with the race manifolds, 200 cell cats and Carnewal cat delete GT3 system the car is LOUD. I love it - especially the pops and bangs on the over-run - but it’s now too loud for track days. 

I had it measured at Goodwood where it was 105dB (just) stationary at 5000rpm. 

The only way I’m going to get onto a “normal” 100dB day is by making it quieter again. 

Without changing the system, I guess exhaust bungs are the only way forward. I’ve used these plenty when racing Radicals, but do you know of any for our cars? 

Mom guessing same problem for GT3, GT4 models on quiet days....

any suggestions gratefully received 




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Hi @Kai I had a similar issue for a couple of years with my exhaust at track days.

First fix was to fit baffles on the tips that direct the sound down into the ground. These are very cheap and easy to fit and don't mark the tips, but don't really take off much noise. 


My second solution was to fit big exhaust baffles using exhaust foam (wool) wrapped around a pipe and fitted in the mufflers. We used a bolt to stop the pipe/wool coming out, it looked terrible, but shut the thing up and got down to 100db fly by. It sapped some power due to restricting the exhaust flow, but stopped me getting black flagged every time.


Another cheat is to find the microphones at the tracks and know when to lift/short shift. Marshals are usually quite helpful here and point out exactly where they are.


Now I just used a Miltek exhaust that's ok on all tracks. 

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I've  heard a few people say they cant meet the noise limit for a lot of track days around 100Db, with a modified exhaust.


Something to bear in mind before doing mods, if you want to track the car.



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