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ABS warning light after wheel swap?

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I had my wheels refinished, and they gave me a set from a 986 for the week. I wasn't too surprised when the ABS and PSM warning lights came on with those wheels fitted, but expected it might fix itself when the 987 wheels went back on.


Do I really need to take it somewhere to get these reset?



(987.1 2.7)

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12 hours ago, JDog said:

I think this has sorted itself out this evening. All on its own. 

Always good when the gremlins go away of their own accord 👍🏻

(It’s cheaper for a start 😉)

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There are certain faults that can occur and automatically clear.  There are some, however, that won't.  This is all preconfigured within the DME.


Looks like you've found one of the faults that clears automatically - good to know. :)

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