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Ditching tired PASM for BC Coilovers


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HI All, 


Appreciate that their might be some who wince at this prospect but here is where I am. I have standard PASM on my car that is admittedly over the 100k mark now, I have a choice of 4 new shocks plus H&R springs (not quite enough of a drop), or to go for BC Coilovers and get the PASM coded out. I have BC's on my M3 and love them.


Has anyone done this to their 987 and if so can share some experiences?

Thanks, all.

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Standard Caymans ride to high even on pasm, so do it I say. No experience of BC but heard good things and look good value. I'd go for Cayman R spring rates if you can.

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@jamesfunge I've been out in this Cayman that has PASM with Bilstein B16 suspension, it keeps the PASM working as well so no need to code it out apparently. Not sure if this helps, but here is the article.


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19 hours ago, Windymiller said:

Thanks Crafty - wow they seem really keenly priced for coilovers 🤔


are they any good compared to the ‘usual suspects’?

Honestly can't say but on other cars people have been impressed (as per OP on his M3) and some positive comments on other forums from those who have fitted to 996/997 etc. 


The Ohlins I have are great but I am not sure they are worth 3 times BC's! If I were doing mine again I'd be tempted to try them for sure.

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