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Hi everyone, 

Just joined up to the forum, so thought would introduce myself. I've had my 06 Cayman S for a little under 11 months now and covered around 12k miles in it so far with 1 track day at Blyton park. I'm already on a few of the UK Porsche & Cayman groups on FB so may have interacted with a few of you before.

I absolutely love my Cayman, (a 55 plate artic silver manual with sports chrono and fully extended black leather interior), which is my 1st P-car.

I bought it to replace my previous daily & weekend/track cars so have been reading up on making it track ready. I've just fitted a SSK, x51 baffled sump, braided brake lines with track suitable brake fluid, gt3 front brake ducts, having already fitted a lower temp 'stat, along with replacing things like the coolant hoses, water pump and starter motor

It will be getting a Carnewell/revolution or topgear switchable exhaust & lowered early next year on coilovers with probably a fast road geo set-up as that's where it spends most of it's time.

Either 997 gt3 or recaro pole positions are on the wish list along with some lightweight track wheels and decent track tyres but until then I will continue enjoying it as is.

 Anyway, i look forward to seeing some of your cars, particularly if you daily & track them, here's mine somewhere up in the North Yorkshire Dale's.


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On 02/12/2019 at 23:39, sevenfourate said:

Howdy, Welcome and congrats !


lLooking great, your plans sound good and you’ve obviously got a lot of further plans and a ‘purpose’ for your P-car. You should start a topic on your build so you / we can all keep track of it.....



Hi Sevenfourate,

Yeah I may look to do that, never bothered with my previous cars as preferred to spend the time driving it, but guess it would be nice to have something documented about the changes.

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