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Thank you everyone, I will be in Area A1 at the PCGB Festival of Porsche at Brands Hatch in September. My R has had rather a lot of mods done :

Cargraphic Cayman R Power kit 4 with Cargraphic 200 cell cats and manifolds, Techart exhaust tips, BMC Sports Air filter, Suspension upgraded with Ohlins Road/Track adjustable, Competition Intake plenum and GT3 throttle body (now removed) Softronic ECU Remap, GT3 Brake master cylinder, braided hoses + SRF fluid, Techart bumper air vent , Techart front radiator grille set, XPEL Paint protection film over bumper and bonnet, Gtechniq ceramic hydrophobic coating, PCM 3.0 v 2.24

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I've no idea at the moment, I've just had the IPD plenum and GT3 throttle body removed  8 days ago due to CEL issues, I believe the previous owner only used it during summer months and my issues started when the weather cooled down was fine before that. I'm sure I've got Dyno print outs amongst the paper work. Booked in this coming Thursday for the brake lines and Techart black tips + service.

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