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Wanted - pair of climate control switches

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I know, I know, this is the wrong place but for some reason, I couldn't select the "WANTED" forum when trying to create this post!


As per title, I'm in need of the two switches for the cc unit. I took them out to refresh the switches but one crumbled in my hands, the other is fine.

Just to besafe, I'm asking for two.


Does anyone have a pair (f switches)?

Direction to somewhere reasonable to buy some if not.


Thanks in advance and apologies for the "post-bomb"!

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Thanks chaps. I've visited both of the suggested places already. Ridiculous prices!


I guess I have no choice for these hen's teeth though do I?!




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2 hours ago, Windymiller said:

Have you thought about getting some 3D printed - using your existing ‘ok’ one as a donor ‘template’?


e.g., (you’d need a 3D CAD design first for these guys - but some companies also offer the 3D scanning service)



Also another option I explored. I guess I would still need to get the switches 'repaired' (ie colour-coded with the lettering) after manufacture.


I'll bite the bullet and buy a pair already done.


Thanks for all the helpful suggestions.

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