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I'm being a bit dim here but how do you change your avatar?


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1 hour ago, jonnyboy said:

I cant seem to find the probably quite obvious place :D


click on your name in the top right corner of the page, from the drop down menu select 'Profile'.  On your profile page, the avatar will have a little photo icon hovering in the bottom left, click that and the rest is fairly self-explanatory.  


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I found that the sizing option mostly cuts off edges from some of the photos you'll most likely have, unless you have one of the car at a distance, hence my front view being the only one suitable without losing some of the car.

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But... as I said, it would be preferable to see all of a member's avatar, not just part of it. Not sure if this can be sorted other than my earlier suggestion?


I guess you could Photoshop or similar a border all round the photo so that it's then this new border that gets cut off?

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We can set the avatars to be square, but we decided it looked a bit crap, so they're round.  Just make sure you don't crop too tight around the picture of your car (or whatever you want to put in your avatar). :) 



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