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Head Unit replacement on 987.1: Bose and PCM

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I'm aware there are dozens of threads on head unit replacements/upgrades, but I'm hoping to get some;

  1. up to date, and
  2. specific

advice for a replacement.


I've found a couple of double-DIN units I like (SONY XAV-AX100 and XAV-AX3005), but gather my life is made more difficult by the bose and PCM spec I currently have.


I would appreciate anyone who has performed an upgrade on a similarly-spec'd Cayman giving me advice on what needs doing (and whether it's DIY-able). I'd also appreciate info on any functionality I might lose by performing such an upgrade.

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Personally, for a Bose upgrade I would at least call Source Sounds (Sheffield), they have done loads of Porsche upgrades inc Caymans. They are really friendly and knowledgeable, and likely to tell you if it is worth it or not.


When I fitted my double din (Non-Bose) I used a Connects2 harness which included steering wheel control, and kept my parking sensors etc. It is worth speaking to the also to see if it is applicable for the Bose version, I added a link below to the manual CTSPO005.2 User Manual


Good luck

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It's considerably more expensive to fit an upgraded HU if you have the full Bose setup as standard as the connector harness is much more expensive than fitting to a non full Bose spec Porsche...

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On 17/07/2020 at 20:16, Scottland said:

This is what you want I think: https://incartec.co.uk/product/FK-9591-IGNB-porsche-boxster-911-bose-stereo-kit


They should have instructions on their site too.

Yeah... Glad I didn't have the Bose as standard... The friggin harness is around the same price as a decent HU lol 😐

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Aye, there are some cheaper MOST boxes available from Aliexpress for about £50. I think you can pair this with the non-Bose kit but at the moment I can't be bothered and have just stumped for a bluetooth adapter for now. 

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