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In car (go-pro) filming - what tech and apps to use?


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I’ve just received the lovely gift of a go-pro 8 for my birthday and as a total IT / tech kit Luddite I need some advice on:


1) best mechanical mount / bracket to attach the camera to the ‘cross bar’ behind the seats. 

2) which track data phone app to use (I’d like one that captures speed, time, G, splits) - also has track maps / mapping?


3) best securing phone dash mount so I can operate the ‘track app’ easily on track. 

4) video editing software so I can ‘sync’ / amalgamate the track app data with the video footage. 

5) any other kit I might need?


Thanks in advance

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Lucky you, I just bought a £49 knock off GoPro from Amazon and it's actually better than my Go Pro4!


1. I use a cheap mount on the harness bar and roll cage, it's from eBay and is probably designed for bike handle bars, but does the job. 

2. Harry's lap timer when it works, but love my SOLO II. Just need a PC to get all the data off. 

3. Scosche make pretty good stuff, it's expensive but pretty sturdy. 

4. Garmin VIRB software lets you import any video files, even from GoPro and you can add speed, Gs, GPS etc.. data as an over lay. I'm told with the right OBSII connector you can overlay RPM and some engine data.

5. Extra batteries and memory cards and zip ties (to keep the track Marshalls happy)

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Something like a Manfrotto 035 super clamp (or similar chinese knock off version on eBay) with the stud screw would clamp on to the crossbar. Might want to put some black electrical tape on the crossbar first to protect it.


I've not gone the Go pro route yet due to cost. I've been using Track Addict a free app on my Android phone. You select the track, use a good screen clamp for the phone and it records your session.


Then you can use their free software on your PC to overlay the dials and track diagram on your mobile phone footage.


Here's one of my attempts from Thruxton in June. Please excuse the wobbly phone mount, I've got a better one now.



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