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Finally took a week off work, found a mate with a dry barn with a 4 post lift and a full engineering shop in it and got on with my replacement exhaust.

stainless cat-less big bore headers (as one of mine had a 2 inch crack in it and the other one had a rattley heat shield), modified original style mid pipes to 200 cell sports cats, 60 degree 3 inch bore bends into 3 inch bore 12 inch long weld on SS silencer cans to my homemade 4.5 inch twin tails. Really happy with it all till I started it. lovely burble on tickover, a tentative blip, yep I thought, thats ok, so I ventured out on a test ride. 2000 rpm its mindnumbing loud, really bad drone until about 3000 rpm where it sounds beautiful and quieter.  but as soon as I ventured up the revs, its LOUD, VERY LOUD. think I will have to put a inner baffle tube into the can outlets going into the tail pipe. probably needs a re-map too as I suspect it is over fueling. 

work in progress, finally.





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Hi Nick. on the trip home from the barn, it didnt throw up the constant CES light errors or want to drop onto 4 cyls at low revs., but was only a 10 mile sedate journey. Ive changed two of the lambda sensors and will probably replace the other two as well, (it needed oxy/act torch heat to get them all out). I suspect that some of my issues have been knackered cats and dodgy lambda sensors and having a large crack in one of the headers would not have helped.

needs a proper drive to bed the pipes in and for the ECU to 'learn' the new setup. I will probably get it remapped as well, funds permitting. hopefully the pipes will soot up and quieten down a bit too, if not, I will have to wrap them in fibreglass woven tape, from the headers back to change the resonance frequency.

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