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Feeling out a cayman s


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I've owned my rx7 fd3s now for 15 years.  When i originally bought it, it was a 10 year old sports car. Now after my years of ownership im wanting to start my sports car cycle again and feel a cayman is a good fit. 


I've been a regular at trackdays for the last ten years so this will be a priority for this car.  I want a change as the rx7 is just to hard to use more regularly plus I've had it long enough. 


I want a useable sports car that i can drive to a circuit for a day off blasting around. 


I know the power won't be the same but the weight is similar and expect the porsche brakes will be better. Also I'm hoping for a better chassis to really be able to push its limits. 


I'm looking at a 987.2 cayman S pdk but also considering a 981 S.


Anyway this is my fd,


Nice to meet you all. 


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Welcome to the affectionately (if unfortunately) acronymed CoC Neil 👍🏻

lovely looking RX7, always got a soft spot for a mid-90s rice rocket (had a ‘95 FTO GPX around 2003-7) 🥰

ive loved every minute and mile in my 987.2 S, can’t recommend it enough. 

hope you find a good one out there, I think they’re getting fewer and further between - I think folks are hanging onto them (I know I am) 😉👍🏻

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Thanks for the welcome, 


There are a few out there atm but they range widely in price.  I'll probably wait now until things get a bit more like normality. Ill just read up on here so I'm better prepared for when i start viewing cars. 

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2 hours ago, GlosRich said:

I think I'd keep the RX7 tbh, they are a classic, and values are increasing.

Thanks Rich, that's true they have increased massively in my ownership. I remember in 2009/10 good cars were selling for 4k, they are anywhere between 20-40k now.  That said I've owned it 15 years and thoroughly enjoyed it but time for change.

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  • 6 months later...

So i waited!!


What an increase in price to buy a well specced cayman!!!


They look to be 15% higher than they were in November possibly more

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