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Interested in this 987.2 S

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Hi all,


anybody aware of this car, views on the price?



spoke to guy a small “dealer” but apparently had it inspected by Zentrum Porsche in Nottingham with no issues


avoid or test it?




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Think it's a bit overpriced tbh. Should be more like £19995.

He's giving 6 months warranty, but what these are worth in reality depends.

£24k gets you into a 981 Cayman which is a lot more modern.

It's an old car with fairly high miles so get it inspected.

Might need a clutch soon, has the suspension had the usual bushes changed, do the coolant pipes leak, are the Aircon rads in good condition?

Probably worth getting an inspection to be safe.

Aqua blue is a lovely colour, but check the wheel arches and sills for gravel rash, as it shows a lot on this colour, mine did.




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Not a lot of choice ATM Neal, not many for sale and all highly priced. The gen 2 was made in small numbers and they command a premium, especially the S. The 2.9 is more reasonable.

Hence I mentioned the 981 to you, it's a lot more modern and not a lot more.

Dont know if it's just a fun car or you are dailying it?


If I bought another, I would go 981 Boxster for the summer fun, and when I add up what I spent on my 987 in repairs and refurbishing I was almost there!

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Positives are the extended leather, Sports Seats with Porsche logo and that really lifts the cabin.  I assume you like Blue.

Aqua is popular and don't think his photos are doing the color any favours.  I've always likes that wheel design...no sure about the color they have been sprayed though.

Seems to have been relatively well spec'd from new and the handbrake is a nice touch.


As said above, if many of the key maintenance things have been done then could be a decent buy at closer to £20/21k.


No PSE and those tailpipes look like they are sticking out further than normal so check it out for anything aftermarket on the exhaust from.


Shame you couldn't have got to it before the dealer did as it;s a sub £20k privately and you could have got a look at the previous owner (who can often give you info on the owner before).


Cars like this can either be tight as or a bit lose.  Have you driven many?  If not, do you know anyone that has as any Cayman will feel great to a layman but the good ones will show themselves to someone who's driven a few.

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Yes it might need a clutch and maybe a flywheel while you're in there if it hasn't been done already, along with lots of suspension parts, you need to get it up on a lift and tale a look.

Nice colour but those miles to me are in that zone I don't like to buy in. 

Not long before it's got 90-100k and loses value because of that and way more than a 50k car which I think this is priced at. I usually go for a low mileage one and pay the extra or a high miler and get it cheap, you also don't have to worry about miles once it's over the 100k milestone really, it then goes on condition and maintenance.

If someone offered you an original 550 Spyder that's been lying in a barn for 50yrs , the last thing you'd ask is the mileage, it doesn't really matter.

If you get a 100k+ car that's been really well looked after and had a whole load of "good work and parts" just done on it , I'd say that might be the better option...also depends on how long you think you might keep it. Imagine taking a 100k car to 200k ..  

Colour to me is also really important, it's the one thing that you can't really change without spending many thousands and de-valueing it by a similar amount, everything else is mechanical bolt on pretty much.

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Thanks guys 


your responses have been really helpful, the mileage and the price were an issue and your knowledgeable observations mean I’ve backed off the car and having a rethink.


it’s going to be a new toy for me and the wife to enjoy to replace the Z4M roadster


Maybe able to get a slightly bigger budget so thinking of a 981 only thing is the missus is keen on a Boxster!

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Depends what you'll be using it for I guess.

If it's a daily and you do high mileage in all weathers, or do a lot of track days, a Cayman is probably better.

But if it's largely a summer fun car, probably a Boxster.

Just watch the budget on a 981 Boxster, as some of them are pricey, so much so you may as well look at a new 718 on a PCP.

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