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GTS on 19s


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Options to scratch my modifying itch on the GTS aren't that numerous, mainly because I'm so happy with it right out of the box. However, I don't have any real love for the 20" Turbo alloy wheels. I dislike fiddly wheels (mainly for cleaning reasons) and whilst I was browsing alternatives, realised that a dark bronze might be a nice little touch of colour to the entirely black vibes. Nothing outrageous. Whilst thinking about this I also got to wondering if dropping down to 19s with a touch more sidewall might give me a slightly more supple ride without compromising performance too much.


Has anyone dropped down to 19s and found any positive/negative impacts? Particualry keen to hear if anyone with the Sport Chassis option has, but PASMer feedback is more than welcome too.


Pictures below for attention, please excuse my crude photoshop (mspaint) skills. Saw the GORGEOUS offerings from Augment for retro Porsche wheels in larger sizes, in particular the cuprite monoblocs.




But I also got a bit of a twitch when I saw these from HRE as well.




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Think it'd have to be the HREs for me!


I've been pining for these (also come in non-centrelock). A cool £2200+VAT or so if I remember. They also do a forged set for about double...

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The HREs are definitely sexy, I do wonder if the concave of the rears, sat alongside the flat faced fronts might mess with my OCD!


A huge part of me loves the idea of the retro feel of the Cuplites (maybe even dials?) juxtaposed on to a modern car, especially as they are forged and are built to order, so I could get the perfect offset, be light etc... 


Anyway, I'm getting diverted 🤣 it's meant to be about the size question, 20s or 19s and the potential improvements to ride! 

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