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981 Power Steering Failure


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Not been on for a while but alas we now have a big problem with the car.  On Sunday I took her out for a spin and after 20 miles or so, I got this warning just as I headed for a 90 degree bend.  🥵


Steering went stupidly heavy and I had to jam on the brakes to around 10mph in order to negotiate the bend without going on to the other side of the road.  The car was around 3 miles from home and I slowly got there.  After trying a couple of times to reset the fault, it just comes immediately back.  Read up on some issues with batteries throwing up spurious faults and put her on trickle charge for a day or so.


Got her out and drove down the road all ok.  Steering was light as usual.  Got about 300 yards and the warning came up again and all power was lost.


Car is out of warranty and it looks like she'll have to go to the dealer as none of my local independents have any idea what it is.  She is manual, on 14k miles and a 63 plate.


Anyone had similar problem? There is nothing on line about 981's but there are some mentions of Mecan's having similar and also a Panamera recall in the states.


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Not the best of updates. 


I live in Wigan.  The car was recovered to Porsche Chester after deciding that I didn't want her to go to Preston after a quote of £380 + VAT for a "look" and that would be the end of May.  Didn't fancy Bolton as I have never heard good reports and they left me waiting for an hour when I tried to collect her after a warranty issue with the brake pedal.


Rang Porsche at Stockport who didn't even ring me back.  So I was left with Chester or Wilmslow.  Car was sent in on the 17th April and as of yet they have not been able to look at the car.🙄


So there we are.  I am not sure if cars that are under warranty take precedence but over two weeks and I am still none the wiser.  This is my first Porsche and although the last 3.5 years have been relatively problem free, my experience of the dealer network now has my alarm bells ringing.



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Have you thought about using a good indie. I’m sure someone on coc could recommend one in your area.

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Well. Got a call today that the steering rack had failed at a complete new one is required at £3k fitted. 


Car is on 14,300 miles and was a Porsche approved car at 7500 miles. Never tracked and in exceptional condition for a 63 plate car.  Full PSH but I didn't renew the warranty. Dealer is approaching Porsche about the issue.


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That’s really very unlucky :(


Revolution Porsche would be worth speaking to, there’re about an hour from you but I suspect if the OPC don’t come up with a decent solution it might be worth speaking to them - in fact I’d probably put a call in and get their opinion anyway 

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Thanks Beanoir. Not heard anything today but absolutely gutted. I have looked after this car really well. Porsche are suggesting it could be bumping up kerbs and potholes etc but I avoid both like the plague.


This is my first Porsche and was going to go 981 GT4 or Boxster Spyder but this has defo put a dampner on the thought of climbing the ladder.


I could understand if it was brakes or battery etc as she doesn't get out much but steering rack? I'll give Rebolution a call and see what options I have.

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